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Sept 2011




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Snow White, as built by Rich Minnick


This is Rich's own photo of his version of Snow White,  a 96" span  1938 design by  Joe Raspante.

Every line of this plane is designed for elegance and full scale appearance (realism).

Look at the list 
    Straight dihedral
    Fully cowled engine
    Rounded fuselage
    Faired landing gear
    Wheel pants.

 But where is the cabin?                                Photo by Rich Minnick   



The planked fuselage is a labor of love. Every strip has to be individually tapered, chamfered and fitted.  Rich Minnick photo. Close up of the cowling for the inverted engine, and the wheel pants.
Rich Minnick photo.
Rich and Snow White as on the Home Page         Mike Sidwell photo  Elegant lines...              Mike Sidwell photo


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