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Sept 2011


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Three Rocketeers, Rich, Chip and Andrew had a great time flying these big friendly airplanes.          John Trumbull photo


Telephoto view of tree-bound Lanzo Bomber    Tom Empy and Steve Roselle on roof with Ed Solenberger's telescoping recovery pole.

    Andrew Tickle photos

Getting closer... The final rescue into the hands of the grateful owner.


The Goose

After Miriam's birthday dinner Andrew made night flying demo with this modified Playboy. There was just a light breeze and all went well.

All the lights are driven by a single LiPo cell, using Light Emitting Diodes (LED's). This is a quantum mechanics principle which converts energy into light very efficiently, without heat. Nevertheless everyone in SAM 27 referred to this hi-tech wonder as a flying Christmas tree.

The scheme is ice blue on the wings, with warm red and gold lights on the tail. Easy on the eye at night.

The plane is actually a float plane which took off and landed at night many times at Camp Far West Lake in May.
Andrew Tickle photos Lots of Light
The outline Flash plus lights. The tip floats are just visible under the wings.


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