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Rich Minnick's 10 foot (3x scale) 1938 Rocketeer

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 Commentary by Andrew Tickle


Photography by Aric, Tom Northen and Jay Beasley



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The crowds gather as the Rocketeer gets closer to take off time. There was one serious hitch in the preflight check -- it failed the radio range test. The reason was the 72Mz antenna was adjacent to the long metal push rods which acted as shields. The radio was replaced with Bon Bekin's 2.4GHz receiver.  Its antenna was well separated from the metal push rods.                 Andrew Tickle photo



It's like crawling under a big truck.  Don Bekins makes a final tweak. Note the almost ridiculous narrow track of the landing gear. The designer only flew it in calm weather.  Yes, it is per plan.  Jay Beasley photo



The heavy lifting crew. Rich Minnick, the builder, in foreground, Frank Plexico takes the port wing.  It starts at 15 lbs and gets heavier the further you carry it.       Andrew Tickle photo



Almost there. This thing gets heavier and heavier. Couldn't we just taxi there?


"Into position and hold."  Test pilot Don Bekins waits for takeoff clearance.                 Andrew Tickle photo


The moment of lift off....

In the excitement of the moment the (simulated) clicking of all the digital cameras suddenly stopped as every pair of eyes on the field watched the Rocketeer rise imperiously into the sky.

For a detailed view you will have to use your imagination.....   unless there is someone out there who remembered to press the shutter button. If so please send...

The Big Rocketeer's up. Whoops....That's the little one, on a different day!            Aric photo


The Big Rocketeer returns for landing

Click here to see a video of the big Rocketeer's maiden flight!  (Video by Jay Beasley)

So what happened to the big Rocketeer?       See next page

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