January 2012


Photos mostly by Andrew 



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Red Lion from the Bill  Hand assembly line
Chip with 1/4 scale electric J3 Cub
Fiesler Storch with ailerons, slots and flaps.  Looks real sharp. Supposed to be a STOL airplane, but actually flew like a snap rolling brick. Neither Bob nor Andrew could tame it.
Look at all that stuff on the bottom of the wing. No wonder it couldn't fly worth a damn.
By contrast Otto's Tiger Moth flew like dream, and touched down like a feather. Genuine scale-like performance.
George Benson's rubber scale, French design -- British reg.

Jay's rubber powered Cougar -- Maiden Flight.
circa 2004
A good looking 84" 6 1/2 lb. Cougar at SAM 74 Crazy Creek
circa 2011
 Phil Leech's Wilga, later became an auction donation In case you forgot where to turn off 

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