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An email from Bill Hand

I have joined a local club, Bend Aero Modelers... . 
I have just finished an ARF by Pilot 1, an old Bendix Racer, the Wedell-Williams "Red Lion".

I make these planes for resale, finishing them with many details and electric power, so they are receiver ready.  Pictures attached.

Bill Hand
George Benson, under the shade of his SUV, entertains Andrew.

With convincing accounts of the historic flights of the Pfalz over the English Channel.

The Pfalz
is a fictiious German canard, designed by George. 

There's a tail gunner in the nose, armor plate over the pilot. It goes on and on...  George is a great storyteller...              Jay Beasley photo

Carl Tulp with Jay's Playboy. Is there a story here?
Jay Beasley photo
Bob Film, doing what he enjoys most.
Jay Beasley photo

Jim Temple with his Miss Stick. It looks beautiful, even if it's not a SAM model.     Jay Beasley photo Tom Moore, a perfectionist builder, with his Miss America.
Jay Beasley photo

The Diamond Demon again. Couldn't resist showing it again with the sun lighting it up like that. If you count the number of diamond cross sections you'll see that it's only three. But what a great name anyway.        Mike Sidwell photo Tom Whitworth with new model, rare twin engine German design.

There will be more later on this ambitious design (you betcha).

Ed Hamler (L) and Loren Kramer (R) about to enter a mass 'launch of two'. Loren has now retired. He celebrated by winning both S400 best of three and the "mass launch". Mike Clancy, about to be towed up on the winch...

Jay Beasley photo

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