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Rich Minnick readies the Diamond Demon -- his favorite style -- THE POT BELLY.   You can see the diamond section in the rear fuselage. The undersides of the wings are actually white with black tips. Very visible in the sky. Beautiful, transparent, the most popular Old Timer style. Some of these coverings are just as good as Samspan, and easier to repair.

With loving care...  You can tell how Rich feels about his plane. Rich, with both feet on the runway, prepares for takeoff, ignoring the Pavlovian barking from Bob Rose.

 Frank waits for signal from Rich Coleman. Ready to launch in perfect style.    Andrew Tickle photo A moment later - actually the camera sometimes waits a while before it fires. Rich's Airborn is almost out of the picture when it eventually fires. But it is a a launch with perfect style!       Andrew Tickle photo

 This SE5a is rolling, tail high.....This e-ARF is one of the best flying WW1 planes. But this great model really does deserve a pilot figure for full style points.       Mike Sidwell photo Jay (as yet unbitten) is working on a more friendly style
       Andrew Tickle photo

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