TOFFF  in Spring   2011

  Commentary by Andrew Tickle    Photography by Tom Northen and Andrew



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Our field as it was in December, and in January, and in February and in March......                            Andrew Tickle photo

















Why are Bob Rose, Steve Carlson and Frank Plexico so happy?                  


But you can see parking is still off-field by the road.                              Tom Northen photo

 Always leaders in style

Bob Rose and Steve Carlson celebrate the new season with new haircuts.       Andrew Tickle photo


Something's up! 
 Ed Solenberger with Bob Film in background   Tom Northen photo
It's Ed Solenberger's Stosser profile model using the motor, Rx and servos from a little crashed Aeronca Champ,   Tom Northen photo

Ed's Cub, designed the same way   
Tom Northen photo
                Otto inspects   Tom Northen photo



The 10 foot Bird of Time is about to be launched. .                Tom Northen photo Couldn't resist this shot. It's at Liberty Field where Tom and I also fly. Airplanes are a delicacy to young heifers.       Tom Northen photo


The Bird of Time overhead with the spring sun shining through the wings and tail.
Note the prop is hanging low and reducing the glide ratio. There is a gizmo which, when it works, stops the prop in the horizontal position so it can fold with no drag (the enemy of sailplanes).                   
Tom Northen photo

Greg Huffman with his10ft Dallaire. Lots of parking space on Sundays. Lots of tall grass if you miss the runway.              Andrew Tickle photo

          Andrew with 10ft Bird of Time    


If you think these birds are big then see Rich Minnick's Rocketeer Big Bird


Do you remember flying without a jacket? Greg Huffman with his Dallaire big bird at the 2010 Canvas Falcon meet.                Andrew Tickle photo

If you have to work during the day then fly with us at night...

 Andrew's (1/2A and Speed 400) Quaker photographed at night with flash.

The blue LED wing lights are clearly visible, even with the flash. The AMA rules require the lighting to clearly show the orientation, i.e. show which way you are flying. So the tail is lit up too.                                            Andrew Tickle photo

The same Quaker at night (taken without flash) showing brilliant LED's in blue, white and purple, and a flashing white strobe light on top of the fin.

This setup is ideal for people who loose sight of their planes during the day. At night you can see this one shining in the sky from miles away.  Andrew Tickle photo


            Finally  --  our field the way we like it in spring.   Note the plane heading out of the picture on the far left.                   Andrew Tickle photo


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