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Commentary and photos by Ned Nevels

"Quacker Flight Cleared for low pass. Call leaving the landing pattern"

Always something new at SAM 27's Flying site on TOFFF Day!

Don Bekins flies his venerable "Hermes Hayseed" powered by a McCoy 60 Series 20 ignition motor in Class C Ignition events and brings it to the Lakeville Road flying site to practice and get the kinks out of the plane before taking it to a contest.

The Hayseed flat "...gets after it" when flown by Don and powerd by a McCoy silver case engine!

Plenty of Electric Models present at TOFFF. Many flown by studwent pilots.
Dick Irwin after a sucessful flight with his Cloud Chopper 1/2A Texaco model. It is a dual use plane, he can switch power from .049 glow to electric and fly it with either option.
Earl Hoffman admires Ed Hamler's "Tomboy" project under construction at an earlier TOFFF session. (right and left)

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