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 SAM Champs


October 2011


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Awesome view of the desert and mountains     Mike Clancy photo


  Mk 1 Clipper climbing into a good looking thermal sky.
     Mike Clancy photo
A desert sunset.   
 Mike Clancy photo


  The RC Competitors                Mike Clancy photo


Rich  Minnick with his Diamond Demon
 Mike Clancy photo
Ed Hamler's Kane
 Rich Minnick photo
Mike Clancy -- King of the Desert
John Trumbull photo
John Trumbull and  Barbara Barbierie
 Mike Clancy photo
Snow White makes her mandatory flight to qualify for the Concours.      Pilot is Chip Buss
      Mike Clancy photo



Unusual set of luggage
 Mike Clancy photo
Mk 1 Clipper show in earlier flying shot
    Mike Clancy photo


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