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by Jim Temple


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   Myths and Legends

This is Bob English and his New Ruler. Bob has a passion for finishing models in fascinating combinations of color, texture and design. You cannot help being drawn in to see how the colors are applied, which surfaces are so smooth -- and which have texture and 'feel'. The New Ruler is in a class on its own since it is both 'cabin' and 'pylon' classes. But since the cabin is open to view Bob could not resist adding an instrument panel -- how many of us go to that amount of trouble?

For many years I flew at Rancho San Antonio, which was almost in my own backyard. Since it was open the public, and the rangers liked the way flyers drew the crowds -- flyers were often mobbed on Sundays. The women were the most attracted, particularly oriental ladies, who would come forward and ask "Can I touch your airplane?'. Proof enough that craftsmanship, design and texture cross the boundaries of culture and gender. Bob would rightly be a celebrity at Rancho San Antonio.

This is Bob doing what he likes best, where he enjoys it most. An in-depth Old Timer photograph from Jim Temple, himself a great SAM 27 builder.



For those who never had the benefit of knowing Bob Rose, he was one of the most vocal of our members. He too was a skilled builder. But he primarily made it his mssion to make TOFFF sessions more interesting with his well focused remarks.  His best known war-cry was "Get off the "%%(*(*&^$%$$###_&@@@@&*$)(($(%))%%*&!!".

This monument to Bob's incisive commentary was proposed at a club meeting by our lawyer and VP, John Trumbull. Yes that is theee John Trumbull of the Trumbull 60 sec restart penalty (instead of disqualifying you if you land off-field) now adopted by other clubs too. In addition to this great contribution to our sport, John has taken on responsibility for nurturing the monument.

In this photo, Jim Temple has captured the the first bloom. The inscription is thought provoking, but a bit hard to read -- "Bob's Rose    What color is it?".

Members are heartily invited to contribute to, and help explain, these fascinating myths and legends in the making at SAM 27. Bob Rose now lives in Kentucky...


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