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Jim Temple Photography

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Captain Beasley usually flies from the right seat. But just look where he is flying from right now!
 An explosive email is expected from Kentucky when Bob Rose sees this.


Another example of long life. This Playboy was built over 10 years ago by Bill Curry of SAM 27. Mike took it over after Bill left and has flown it in many contests, keeping the ancient NiCd's going for many years before changing to LiPo's. Mike must have had a hundred flight with it by now. This Playboy was built by Dave Lewis of SAM 21. After passing through various hands it finished up in a huge pile of airplane parts that  that Ed Hamler brought to our field. This Playboy airframe was complete except for the empenage (elitist talk for tail feathers). A new one was built from plans from the internet.



Great access. Mike shows how you can get both hands in. Looks like something is missing. But actually the grass is as tall as the landing gear.


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