SAM 27 Club History and Historical Documents
These documents and pictures were provided by Ron Keil

Many thanks go to Ron, Karl Tulp, and Don Bekins for their help in providing the information of the club's history.

Warning:  When viewing the items below they are PDF files.  When you want to exit the file use the "back" arrow in the upper left of the screen.  If you click on the red "X" in the upper right it will dump you out of the website.

1.  The history of SAM 27 (Printed version). 2.  The history of SAM 27 (Typewritten copy).
3.  SAM document (Unknown date). 4.  Letter from Jack Tatum to Don Bekins.
5.  Note from Don Bekins to Ron Keil. 6.  SAM 27 vs Marin County (With letter from the AMA).  See Club Newsletter
dated March 1988 for more information about this.
7.  Newspaper article about Ron Keil and SAM. 8.  Old SAM 27 photos  from Ron Keil
9.  William Hooks obituary. 9.  Pilots final poem.

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