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This year's contest was attended by more people and planes than in years past. As always, the venue was spectacular, Loren and Mirium Schmidt's wonderful ranch in Elk Grove. Many old friends and SAM 27 members turned out for the three-day celebration of Old Time Aeromodeling.


Click Here to see official Contest Event Results from the 2003 Crash & Bash


Don Bekins (with transmitter left) launches his Red Ripper 1/2A-A ship with the Elfin 2.49 Diesel on a flight at this year's Crash & Bash. The Ripper is shown above in flight. Built from a B&W 1/2A MODEL HOBBIES kit , 11206 TRENTMAN ROAD FORT WAYNE,IN 46816 (260) 639-6510 E-MAIL Don wrote a review and flight story for SAM Speaks four years ago. An online version of that story is on the SAM web site Here.

Rick Holman (below) pushes the starter onto his Dub Jett .40 powered Stardust Special from the Bob Holman laser cut kit. (Bob Holman, his dad is holding the 900 Sq. inch Old Timer and releases and times for him) Rick did very well this year. He was the high points leader, winning the Bill Hooks Trophy for the three day meet by one point over perennial champ Don Bekins.

Click here to see the 2003 Crash & Bash Flyer that details The many events flown this year and the experimental rules matrix they were conducted.

Bob Holman realeases son Rick's 900+ Sq. inch Stardust Special for an official flight at the 2003 SAM 27 Crash & Bash. The Holmans regularly journey from Southern California for this event.

Gary Leopold of SAM 21 (right) launches his Super Cyke Powered Lanzo Bomber from Loren & Mirium Schmidt's "back yard" for an official flight at the 2003 SAM 27 Crash & Bash.

The view of Loren & Mirium Schmidt's rear deck at lunch time. This is the early group (many were still flying) the lunches were mobbed both days. The shade trees provide a wonderful spot for families to enjoy the fun while watching the flying.

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